On Community

On Community

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The point of this post is to say thank you. To our friends, local community, and supporters around the country. It feels great to be part of the fabric of a community, and these past few weeks, as hard as they have been, we have felt just that. We’ve heard from friends reaching out just to say they are thinking about us, to customers that have chosen to purchase a suit or whatever, when they clearly aren’t wearing it to the office right now.

No matter the context of the message, we have heard it, and we are more than thankful. We are truly grateful for the outpouring of support that has been shown to us in the midst of this difficult time.

Because what we are seeing in this difficult moment is that not even this global pandemic can shut down community, especially one as strong as ours. (Okay our bias might be showing at this point, but so be it.) I struggle to imagine a situation in which we would have to shut our doors for 4+ weeks, suddenly, and without warning, where we still had the business that we do currently. Whether it be through phone orders or online, we are truly grateful for your business, and still committed to earning your business through great service, great products, and our sometimes quixotic pursuit of value.

Know that this is our way of saying thank you. And more than that, please know that we are still here. Whether you need to FaceTime us from your closet, or need help putting together a considerably more casual work from home wardrobe. We are still here.

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