Introducing the Tassel Loafer

Introducing the Tassel Loafer

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Alden Shoe Company introduced the iconic Tassel Loafer to the world in 1950

A couple of years in design, the notion of the tassel and corresponding strap as decoration only was a result of a collaboration with Hungarian actor, Paul Lukas. (Lukas won an Oscar in 1943 for his role in the movie Watch on the Rhine.) Lukas’ original idea included the tassel as a part of a functioning lace, but the folks at Alden changed the scheme from a lace-up to a slip-on to show the strap around the opening of the shoe culminating in the tassels on the vamp of the shoe.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Early on, this shoe’s popularity among college kids and recently graduated young professionals was so great that at one time Alden offered it in as many as 20 different leathers and colors.

Today, some 70 years later, the Alden Tassel Loafer is as iconic, as classic as it ever was. Often imitated, but never duplicated, the shape of the toe and the perfection of the Aberdeen last, from which the fit is derived, The Alden Tassel Loafer is as revered as ever. It exists exactly as it did in 1950, made in the same factory in Massachusetts with the same materials, and with the same time-honored construction and quality.

At Harrison Limited we proudly stock this great shoe style in 4 variations currently. Black Calfskin, Brown Calfskin, Chocolate Suede, and Snuff Suede. Through the years we have also “made up” our own Tassel Loafer styles in different leathers and colors. Some of you reading this now may have had the chance to obtain one of these rarities for yourselves, and you know what a unique treat they are to own and wear.

I’ve spoken before about the pride I feel representing great American companies like Alden. There aren’t very many of these kinds of brands or companies left in our country, so I value and cherish the pedigree and the tradition we enjoy by association. 

If you haven’t ever tried out a pair of Alden shoes, the shoe they invented, the Tassel Loafer is as good a place to start as any.

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