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Since day one, we have insisted on working with brands that stand for something. The kind of people and companies that treat relationships with both our shop and our end customer with the same paramount importance that we do. It is something we demand before we add product to the shop, and it is why we have been working with many of the brands we carry for as long as we have.

Ultimately, we believe you have to look at the industry and answer the question, “Who’s making the coolest and very best product, for the right value, and will stand behind their product when the time calls for it?”

Early on, we picked up Alden Shoes, and I remain particularly proud of that choice today. We’ve carried Alden in the shop for 25 years now, practically since the beginning, and it isn’t because they’re trendy. They make a great product, at a great price. But equal to all of that, they are great people: a family-owned brand that sees as much importance in the long-term as they do in the next season. They do things right, constantly.

At the shop we call this shoe the 6799, and at this point, it seems a little late to name it anything else. It’s a makeup. And while it wasn’t our first-ever makeup, it is definitely our longest running. It isn’t color No. 8, and it isn’t tan. It’s dark brown. A classic Alden hand-sewn penny loafer in a Van last, but in a color that you’re less likely to see walking around your office already.

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