With Thanksgiving

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I don’t think it is a coincidence how often the Bible mentions thankfulness along with prayer and peace. Throughout the Bible, and in the Old and New Testaments, we are told not to worry. We are told to be thankful. And we are told to pray. But in the verse above, and many like it, we are reminded that it is through prayer AND thanksgiving that peace will come to our hearts and minds. That gratefulness creates peace.

This Thursday is a day for family. It is a day to sit together and feast on the abundance that our hard work has created. But it is also a day to remember the blessings that have been given to us. To the family with which we have been blessed. To the community and friends that add joy to our lives. And to remember that gratefulness out of our mouths brings rest and peace to our hearts.

This Thanksgiving, may your minds be calm, your hearts find rest, and your tables be full.


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