A Better Khaki

A Better Khaki

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There is no way to make a great pair of khakis with bad fabric. Khakis, with their birth in military uniforms, have always needed to look great while being incredibly durable and functional. The weight for instance, especially for a man in the deep South, is not an easy thing to get just right—light enough to breath, but dense enough for a flattering shape to last over the years.

Many of us have been wearing the same pair of khakis for years now. When it became clear these wouldn’t be available forever, we started looking for the right fabric to craft our own Harrison khaki pant to sell at the shop. We are excited with what we have found.

We are proud to introduce you to the Harrison Limited Badge Khaki. These pants are 100% cotton (available in a poplin or a twill), sourced from Japan, and made in Brooklyn by Hertling Trousers. When we felt this cloth for the first time, we knew we wanted to make our own khaki with them. We think they are the right balance of density and breath-ability. They are fully tailorable, and available in our two most popular fits, our more modern trim fit, and a more traditional classic fit.

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