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Wildsam Field Guides

“The world was peopled with wonders.” – Steinbeck, East of Eden

Even the most adventurous and curious among us can’t claim to have seen all of the wonders that make a town a place worth caring about. And more than being able to say we’ve been to the best restaurants and stores, is the experience of discovering the soul of a city.

It is because of this that we have added the Wildsam Field Guides to the shop. A former Birminghamian, Taylor Bruce, started Wildsam after years of writing about travel in the publishing industry. Now based in Austin, TX, Wildsam guides aren’t typical city guides merely equipping you with best of lists. They are a peek into the soul of places like New Orleans and Austin through essays, stories, interviews, poetry, local legend, and food. A guide for you on your curious discovery of beautiful places around this great country.

Wildsam Field Guides currently include Nashville, Detroit, San Franscisco, Austin, and New Orleans with more coming soon. Available online.