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The Right White Shirt

Because a crisp, white shirt is never out of fashion whether you are in the office or on the beach, and yet the right one can be tough to find.

Introducing, Forrest Lennard.

Of course a big part of carrying this shirt in the shop is due to the man behind the shirt. Woody is a man of uncompromising commitment to detail which is why I wanted to be a part of his newest project, Forrest Lennard. Woody’s ability to see through a crowded industry to find the special is a gift. Forrest Lennard, a project two years in the making, will always be a great white shirt because of the man that I know Woody to be.

Many of you may know him too. Woody Appleby has been a regular at Harrison Limited for over 23 years- he was here the night we prepared the store for it’s grand opening the next day. He was at the hospital the day my first daughter, Caroline, was born, and he was at her wedding last June too. You might say we go back a ways.

These are special shirts, made from a signature honeycomb cloth, that you really need to hold to appreciate. It is a well tailored, elegant sport shirt that you can wear with jeans, shorts, khakis, or trousers. It is a timeless piece worth your consideration.

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