Hat & Chair

Ringing the Bell

The tradition of guests ringing the bell began in 1956, when a 10-year-old game show winner who had correctly answered questions about the New York Stock Exchange was invited to open the trading one day. Since then, it has been an honor for businessmen and women to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of their organizations with this globally shared moment.

Earlier today, April 21, the Cadence executives, including the CEO, Sam Tortorici, had the opportunity to ring the bell to open the NYSE and celebrate their recent IPO. Sam and many of their team are friends of the shop, and it’s great to see good people work for years to accomplish something truly special. We are grateful for Sam’s loyalty to the shop, going as far as wearing a Harrison tie for today’s festivities, but more than all that a friendship that goes all the way back to high school.

Congratulations to Cadence Bank and all of their team on their recent IPO.