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Garrett Leight Optical Company

For some time now, we’ve been searching the marketplace for the right eyewear company partner. Suitors came and went—most were either too eccentric or had unrealistic demands on their end. 

Enter Garrett Leight Optical Company. 

We are really excited about these eyepieces. Started in Venice, California, Garrett Leight is run by the founder with the same name, who happens to be the son of eyewear legend Oliver Peoples. Garrett’s line though is designed to be a bit more subtle than his father’s, aimed at complementing an individual’s existing style instead of broadcasting it. 

Glass from Garrett Leight comes from Japan and Italy, and are UV protected as a good pair of sunglasses should be, and frames are made from true aged acetate which leads to added durability and strength. All frames come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find just the right pair even within a particular style. 

As with any pair of sunglasses, its tough to know what it looks like until you put it on your head. We suggest you drop by with some time to try them on. We’ll provide the mirror. 

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