Hat & Chair

A New Alden Makeup

This shoe is an Alden exclusive make-up by Harrison Limited. I made this shoe because I have been wanting to personally wear it for quite some time.

I was told by Alden this shoe might not work, that it might look too much like any other penny loafer. But this shoe is the combination of a full strap loafer and Alden’s signature hand-stitched toe, and the only one we have seen in a leisure penny loafer. Plus, this shoe is made from Horween Leather’s ever popular Chromexcel and the forefront is unlined, giving it a slightly more casual attitude.

As it was recently pointed out by A Continuous Lean, we aren’t the first shop to offer an exclusive make-up by Alden, and we surely won’t be the last. We do make-ups at Harrison because it feels right for our shoes to have a story, for them to be unique. You can buy a brown penny loafer just about anywhere, but you can only get this one from us. As I am fond of saying, it might not be for everyone, but it might be right for you.

We choose Alden again and again for our make-ups because they care enough to do this for us. They allow us to have this kind of collaborative relationship. They also will tell us when they don’t think something will work. Granted, they finally gave in on this one (luckily) but we can design together. And we like what that kind of dialogue can produce.