Our Philosophy

Contrary to popular belief, clothes do not make the man.  The thread that binds our character goes much deeper than what we wear.  And while we passionately believe that the quality of clothing must embody the same character traits of the quality of a man—traits such as excellence, integrity, and restraint—the clothing itself does not make the character.  It merely refines it.

Clothing does not make the man.  The master tailor has created us to adorn a much more significant wardrobe.  A wardrobe never fickle to the whims of trend.  A man’s character is the best made to measure wardrobe.  We believe the rules are always in fashion.  Walk in the shoes of humility.  Wear the coat of integrity.  Place a handkerchief of compassion next to your heart.  Knot the tie of courage around your neck.  And place the hat of excellence upon your head.

Our Spirit

Since 1991, we at Harrison Ltd. have been trying to present our clients, our friends, with clothing of character. Our focus has always been to provide a special experience for discerning men. An experience that emphasizes classic design and style, attention to detail, and a commitment to exceptional service. Harrison Ltd. is more than a place to just come in and buy something. Of course, we appreciate that. But we started this journey to be something more than that. We wanted a place where relationships were woven over time.

It is about fashion, yes. But it is indeed about friendships as well. This symbol for our store is a simple hat upon a simple chair. A symbol for traditional, elegant fashion rests upon a symbol that clearly says, “It’s okay to sit down and chat for a spell.”

The book of Proverbs tells us that iron sharpens iron.  And one man sharpens another.  So while we fully believe that clothing of character does not make the man of character, we also passionately believe that clothing of character sharpens the man of character.

Our Services

The services provided by Harrison Ltd. include in-stock support of fine men’s clothing, sportswear, and furnishings. Additionally, we proudly offer the customization of suits, sport coats, trousers, top coats, and shirtings. Our full tailor shop features a full-time tailoring staff. We welcome you to contact us for wardrobe consultation, as well as in-home or in-office visitations.